A Compendium of Works by Rev. Jacob G. Dodd


Nobody Important

A Cheat And A Liar,
Money His Only Desire,
His Soul, Should Have One,
Will Burn In The Fire

-Name Withheld


The Last Great Ballad

The Brave Man Triumphed
Over Evils To His Credit
The Prophecy Warned of Death
Though That Is Not How He Read It

Through the towering mountains
This Man Did Boldly Go
Where In Darkness Evil Crept
Away From Goodness’ Glow

With Naught But Sword and Soul
Did So This Warrior Walk
He Conquered All And Still Stood Tall
And We Praise Him In This Song

Hail, Hail!
Warrior Brave!
Of Courage,
Tried and True!

Hail, Hail!
Warrior Brave!
This Song,
We Sing Of You!

The Death Song

The strength of men
Comes from thought.
The strength of fear
Comes from rot.
Some are brave
And some are not.
At the perfect moment
Take your shot.

Close your eyes
And hear your soul.
Let your hand
Find their goal.
Fight through the fear
Of growing old.

Death is noble,
Death is kind.
We can leave the chaos
All behind.
Erase those who doubt you
From your mind.

The dawn comes tomorrow.
Not all will see it.
There is no sorrow.
It is defeated!


Momma Momma
Don’t Be Cry
Papa Papa
I Know Why
Brother Brother
Gone Doesn’t Mean Die
Together Through Distance
Separate We Fly
We Have Nothing In Common
The Well Has Run Dry

Sing A Song Called Family
Memories Create Chords
Look At The Refrain With Me
Tension Breeds Ancestry
Through The Clashing of Swords

Guidance and Wisdom
Lies Built on Trust
The Priest Spoke The Truth
They Bring Diamonds and Rust

Emotion Rides Free
Pawns of The Dance
We Are Family
Born of Circumstance

All For Her

She wanders
Like liquid cyanide
Down, around, and all around
Burning like anesthetic

Vapid lovely apathy
Overarching silence
She wavers in her certainty
Hungry like the wolf

Quiet riots and twisted sisters
Bass clashes and muted wails
Hands at each others throats
What is love?

Baby don’t hurt me,
No more

Head bob head bob head bob
Repetitive and fluid
Whirlwind confused dalliance
I can’t fight this feeling anymore

Piercing gentle teeth
Soft burning scratches
I’m bleeding, should we pause?
No, I need this

Try to keep it casual
Like stained t-shirts with funny sayings
The Joker was right
Why so serious, indeed

Keep it superficial
Beneath the tainted skin
Don’t ever break the surface
Leave it as it is

Nothing material
That way leads to complication
No emotional bribery
Let your mouth do the talking

Willing feast to a parasite
Take your fill of need
Soul as bread, pride as butter
Lust is 2% milk

When it ends it’s in a hush
Like some Vietnam dream
A non-existant mission
What then of the ceasefire?

We don’t talk anymore
We didn’t talk much then
Like a CD played on mute
Silent substance running in circles

Roll credits
The lights come up
The preceding horrorshow was rated R
By the MPAA

And rigid

The gift of retroactive foresight
Heals all present wounds
Like psychic Tylenol
Take the god damned pill

Flush it down with rain
Baptize myself in the tears
Of a chastising god
And laugh along with the joke

Life is golden repetition
Love is a football
Yanked away
By a malicious enemy

Next time I’ll avoid the red pill
Take the blonde one instead
Much safer bet
Time to double down

The Cursed

She Was A Harlot
Untamed And A Liar
My Love She Rejected
To Avoid A Quagmire

I Spit On Her Name
I Spit On Her Soul
I Spit On Her Heart,
Blackened As Coal

Let Her Be Rejected
Let Her Be Shamed
Let Her Be Accused
Let Her Be Shamed

All She Deserves
All She Shall Have
Her Pain Is Justice
Her Life Is A Sham

Another Tired Love Song

Try to write a poem about love.
Try it.
Why can’t you do it?
Dry words come forth,
The strength of the want
behind fluttering conviction.
My love is pure
Cry love
and let if free
Try to understand
What love has done
to me