A Compendium of Works by Rev. Jacob G. Dodd



This Passive Aggression Will Not Stand
Four Years I’ve Been Here
Not Once
Have I Insulted You
As You
Have Insulted Me

Why Should I Stay Now?
You Shat On My Pride
You Spat On My Duty
Why Should I Stay?

I Exit Thusly
Through The Door
To Stage Right
I Exit Thusly
Knowing I Am Right


The Secret Origin of Maxwell Cornelius Brass

Maxwell Cornelius Brass was born in the wee hours of the morning in Cardiff, Wales. He was the first child of Liam and Rose Cornelius, a finer couple you would be hard pressed to find in all the British Isles. Such as it was they were still a humble pair and didn’t think much of their reputation. Rose was prone to blush at the slightest compliment and Liam was quick to point out that such flattery was wasted on someone such as him.

Friends and family could tell right away that Maxwell, or “Maxie” as Rose preferred to call him, was a special youngster indeed. He has a spring in his step and a glint in his eye that prompted everyone to flutter about, saying how he was destined for great things in life. Maxwell, like his parents before him, soon learned to take these sort of things in stride.

The proudest moment of Liam and Rose’s life came when Max spoke his first words. He was exceptionally young when the moment came.

They had never expected him to go from barking to talking so quickly. Liam himself was the youngest dog in his family to start talking at only six months. Young Maxwell beat him by two.

“Hungry” was his first word. Followed by a series of barks and then “cheese” which was well known to be young Max’s favorite food. Rose and Liam couldn’t have been happier.

It wasn’t long after that when Max was sent off to America for schooling, where he was taken in by the Brass family, Elias and Angela. It was Elias who taught Maxwell everything he knew about the world of magic and sorcery. Maxwell became the most well known of all the canine warlocks by the time he turned three. Mostly due to that time he fought off a dragon who was trying to steal one of Elias Brass’ most prized cows. That sort of thing gets people talking.